Report: 85% of Users Unlikely to Forgive Bad Mobile Experience

From smartphone searching to app-based buying, the impact of mobile moments is growing at every stage of the customer journey. But as more and more consumers bring mobile devices into their purchasing processes, it seems fewer and fewer like what they see on their screens.

According to recent research from omni-channel chat provider LogMeIn, just 52% of global consumers were satisfied by their last mobile experience with a business. In fact, satisfaction rates have actually decreased 7% since 2015.

This backslide is particularly disappointing considering consumer confidence in mobile commerce is still somewhat fragile.

Nearly 80% of respondents have made at least one mobile purchase in the past year, with smartphones and tablets driving more than a quarter of their combined eCommerce spending. However, 71% of those surveyed also admitted that lingering security and usability concerns have stopped them from spending more via mobile.

If brands continue to deliver subpar mobile experiences, the results could be costly. Only 15% of surveyed shoppers considered themselves likely to give offending companies another chance. As for the other 85%, frustrating engagements often triggered search engine queries that brought competitors just a few clicks away.  

Curing Poor Mobile Experiences With Preventative Care

Delivering a better mobile experience is a noble aim, but it’s also a rather vague goal. Luckily, the LogMeIn survey was also able to surface a few of the specific symptoms users find so frustrating.  

One of the clearest themes was the desire for human responses to tech troubles. Ease of contacting customer support was cited as the most important feature for assuring a “good mobile experience” — ahead of such factors as page load speed and intuitive navigation.

Customers also seem to appreciate brands that anticipate potential problems, with 54% of those surveyed reporting that they usually seek out an FAQ section when confronted with confusion on a retailer’s mobile app or website.

Exemplary mobile experiences are obviously about more than treating headaches, however.

Eliminating potential problems through delightful design is the more impactful mission, but easy answers are hard to come by in that arena. And once your mobile audience takes on an international dimension, the task can feel utterly intimidating.

These are the thorny issues we aim to address in Smartling’s latest webinar: Getting Your Mobile Experience Right the First Time for a Global Audience.

Getting Your Mobile Experience Right The First Time For A Global Audience