Reflecting on Adobe Summit 2018 EMEA: The Partner Experience

Author: Matthew Mahfouz

Matthew Mahfouz is the Channel Development Manager at Smartling.

The Smartling team recently attended the Adobe Summit in Europe as a sponsor. While we were there to increase our Adobe expertise and meet with our customers and prospects, we were also keen to meet with our fellow Adobe Partner Program members to learn how they were extending the Adobe Experience Suite.

As it was the general session topic of both the North America and European Adobe Summit, the modern day B2B and B2C businesses have to focus on the experience they deliver as their differentiator. The Adobe Experience Suite offers just that ability: to ingest, learn, and act on data, to curate content, and to create a unique and inspiring experience that delights customers.

Smartling enables our customers to provide those types of experiences by providing powerful tools to translate their content and products. Below are a handful of Adobe partners that, like Smartling, are helping to create these fantastic experiences by extending the impact and value delivered by the Adobe Experience Suite.

– Rapid implementation given specialization in AEM
– 3|SHARE is a Business Level Adobe Systems Solution Partner, Adobe Digital Marketing expert and member of Adobe’s Partner Advisory Board,
– Specializes in consulting, training and remote operation management for – Adobe’s top clients throughout all of North America
– Their services that are critical in complementing Adobe Experience
– Manager, Social, Analytics, Test, Campaign, and Mobile
– Training, Consulting and Managed Services for each of these products allow for Adobe customers to get the maximum value out of their investment in Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite.

The Adobe Experience Suite is a robust platform set, offering tools to enable any enterprise to achieve their digital strategy. Most modern marketers are using a broad technology stack to power the different aspects of their digital strategy. Rolling the Adobe Experience Suite into an already full technology stack can seem like a daunting task. Oh, and we forgot to mention that there’s a pressing deadline to get this done to start seeing a return and you’re meant to implement it without disrupting your day-to-day business operations.

Don’t worry! This is where implementation and consultancy partner 3|Share comes in to save the day. 3|SHARE is an Adobe Digital Marketing expert and member of Adobe’s Partner Advisory Board. . . So I guess you could say they’re an expert of sorts. Specializing in training, consulting, and managed services for the Adobe Experience Suite, 3|Share allows their clients to quickly leverage their Adobe Solutions to position themselves as an experienced leader in their space.

Their annual EVOLVE conference is coming up this August in San Diego and is a great place to pick up a few Adobe best practices to get the most out of your investment in the Adobe Experience Suite.

Use case: Using customer behavior data to understand how different marketing segments shop, browse to personalize the experience to that market better

Data is the backbone of uncovering new and innovative tactics for engaging customers in a personalized and thoughtful way. The modern-day marketer is now data rich. Almost too rich. Our new challenge is figuring out how to sift through this seemingly endless data to uncover actionable insights to grow market share (engagement).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get both rich data and actionable insight? Enter ContentSquare. ContentSquare has a modern approach to offering insight driven experiences by capturing data across all customer touch points and coupling this data with an AI-driven recommendation engine-the perfect blend of data and insight to help develop your digital strategy.

We had a chance to chat with their Nordics Territory Manager about using customer behavior data to understand how different market segments (or international markets, in general, *cough cough*) shop, browse, and convert to personalize the customer experiences better. ContentSquare is pushing the way marketers can leverage data, and we’re excited to see what they come up with.


– OneTrust automates privacy impact assessments and data inventory mapping, enforces risk remediation actions, and triggers recurring audits for continuous compliance monitoring across customer, employee, and vendor data transfers.
– Provides a single place for your privacy office to collaborate with business groups, vendors and trusted advisors managing privacy risks.
– The result is the ability to demonstrate privacy by design and ongoing compliance with your policies, EU’s data privacy laws (GDPR, BCR, Privacy Shield), and other privacy frameworks (HITECH, ISO, GAPP, APEC).

GDPR….just typing this makes me break into a cold sweat. These four letters have been haunting the digital marketer’s dreams with far before May 25th, navigating this new policy can seem daunting.

Being situated alongside OneTrust at Adobe Summit EMEA helped calm my nerves surrounding GDPR OneTrust provides a single place for companies to collaborate with business groups, vendors, and trusted advisors managing privacy risks. The result is the ability to demonstrate privacy by design and ongoing compliance with your policies.

In short, they offer the security for you to continue focusing on achieving your organization’s digital strategy: creating a unique and inspiring experience that delights your customers. This in itself can pose a challenge.

– Use of content fragments to create personalizations in AEM
– Consultancy services, best practices for achieving your goals
– Global Alliance Solution Partner, Diamond Sponsor, Commitment to Adobe

So you’re coming fresh out of Adobe Summit EMEA and excited to get the most out of your Adobe Experience Suite. You’re already implemented, you know your objective, but with the library of tools at your disposal, choosing the strategy that works best for your business and brand can be challenging,

Cue consultancies like Netcentric, a Cognizant Digital Business. NetCentric is an Adobe Global Alliances Partner and attended Adobe Summit EMEA as a Diamond Sponsor (Top tier sponsorship). During their Adobe Showcase, they discussed their innovative integrated approach to collaboration, which allows them to connect at scale and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the modern technological landscape.

After a brief chat with their Director of Marketing Automation around localizing personalized content fragments in AEM, it was clear to us that Netcentric can back up their reputation.

– SimilarWeb is the industry standard for understanding the digital world.
– SimilarWeb’s market intelligence solutions provide customers with insights to help them understand, track and grow their digital market share.
– With their insights, businesses, agencies, marketers, and analysts can benchmark performance against competitors, reveal competitors online strategy, discover new opportunities, identify emerging trends and understand consumer intent and journey.
– SimilarWeb has thousands of customers and works with some of the largest global brands including Google, L’Oreal, Airbnb, and eBay. Their team is spread across seven global offices and includes over 350 employees and counting.

It’s common design theory that to get to get to where you’re going, you must first understand where you’re starting. Some of us have a good idea of where we’d like our business to be in terms of creating an engaging customer experience, but it can be quite challenging to gather the necessary data to know where we are currently.

SimilarWeb offers a market intelligence solution to gather the data needed to gain that perspective. With these insights, businesses can benchmark performance, discover new opportunities, identify trends and understand consumer intent and journey.

We’re particularly keen to apply this practice to engaging markets internationally…just a thought! Drop into our DMs, SimilarWeb.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash