Google Market Finder: A Brand’s Guide To New Markets

“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

That’s the first thing you’ll see when you visit Google’s company page. And it’s true. Google (and the internet) has made it increasingly easy to reach customers and users around the world. Brands can make connections with consumers across multiple continents, regardless of the location of their home offices or brick and mortar stores.

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The digital revolution has catalyzed global expansion. But using your digital reach to attract more customers, while seemingly simple, can also be challenging. Especially as a small or even medium sized business, it’s difficult to know what your international expansion strategy should be, which is critical establishing and growing your brand’s influence globally.

How can a business be confident they are making the most informed decision before spending valuable time and resources on expanding into and localizing for a new market? And once they decide on the locales for business expansion, how do they reach those audiences in those markets?

“Sell to the whole world”

Enter Google Market Finder, which aims to address the inherent challenges of global expansion.

“As cross-border commerce becomes the norm, businesses with global aspirations need reliable partners to help navigate the waters and ensure success,” says Jack Welde, Smartling’s Co-Founder and CEO. “With Google’s Market Finder, companies can get the resources they need to research, plan, and execute successful global strategies.”

Market Finder supports brands’ international expansion goals through three simple steps:

First, they recommend the best market for your business by analyzing existing data about your brand’s web presence. They highlight their suggestions for you based on monthly searches across the categories your brand addresses and they surface suggestions such as recommended Adwords bids, ease of doing business in that location, and household net disposable income of the local audience.

Next, Market Finder provides case studies and guides to help businesses uncover their goals and develop the tactics necessary as they prepare to go global.

Finally, the service provides businesses with recommendations on how to actually reach consumers in those markets, including in what languages to advertise, on which devices your consumers are finding you, and other data, insights and tools to put your global expansion strategy into action.

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As a leader in localization technology, Smartling works daily with brands choosing to expand into new languages based on what they’ve assessed as the best new market to expand into. As a complementary service to Google Market Finder, Smartling helps global businesses reduce the friction and uncertainty of entering new markets with our leading translation technology. This means brands can move quickly from developing to launching their new global marketing initiatives.

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Google is once again leading brands into the future, providing them with informed recommendations of markets ripe for entry, as well as curated guides and information that can be used to inform ad spend, in every language and all markets.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Market Finder, you can check them out here.