Smartling Customers Share Their Best Moves From 2017

To help you better craft your localization strategy for 2018, we asked your peers (and our customers) what their best localization moves were from 2017. Here are the 5 ways you can achieve localization success in 2018:


1. Shorten the distance between where your content is created and where it’s translated:No matter if your content is created in a content management system or a design software, streamlining your workflows and integrating your content systems will save time and money.

2. Visual context can help translators better understand the meaning and intent of your content: Enable visual context for all your content, at every workflow step and for every person involved in translation.

3. Localize key conversion points and important content that enhances your customer’s experience: Consider your customer’s entire journey when determining what content you should localize. This will ensure that you deliver the best possible experience to your customer.

4. Leverage software to successfully collaborate with all translation stakeholders: Along with process automation, translation management software enables intelligent collaboration between teams so they can quickly and cost-effectively localize their content.

5. Pick the easy button: Localization doesn’t have to be a painful and arduous process: By leveraging technology like Smartling’s Global Delivery Network, you can get to market fast with multilingual content.

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