The State of Multilingual Marketing in 2015

At INBOUND 2015, Smartling polled more than 150 marketers to gain perspective and insights on how organizations are targeting prospects and customers who do not speak English–both in and outside of the US–to get a feel for the state of multilingual marketing. The results were somewhat surprising given the global nature of ecommerce and the potential for growth internationally. Key findings of the survey include:

Translation is not a budgeted priority

  • 48% of respondents indicated they have no budget allocated for international translation.
  • 59% have not budgeted for translations to reach non-English speakers in the US.

International expansion taking a backseat

  • Nearly half of respondents (49.34%) report that 5% or less of their customer base is located outside of the US.

International content lacks personalization

  • Only 14% of organizations create original content and hire local marketers in countries where their brand is expanding.
  • Just 15% of respondents who are marketing to international customers are confident their messages are resonating.

For a deeper dive into results of the survey download our infographic.