Translation and Localization Resources

Overview: Localization for B2B Software Brands

Smartling has built an end-to-end translation solution with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency in mind for...

Translation Technology Checklist

Vetting and selecting the right translation solution can make all the difference. As you assess...

Brief - Linguistic Asset Maintenance

Maintenance of linguistic assets such as Style Guides and Glossaries is a time-consuming yet critical...

The Smartling Translation Management Platform

Enabling brands to quickly and cost-effectively launch their multilingual websites with minimal IT involvement. Download...

Smartling Overview

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever for global brands to cater...

Product Brief - Quality Evaluation with DQF

Smartling's newest reporting functionality, Quality Evaluation with DQF is a complete measure of translation quality...

Smartling + Lilt

Smartling's Adaptive Machine Translation is an integrated approach that combines human translations with machine learning...

Product Brief - Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector

Expand your eCommerce footprint into new markets with Smartling and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Product Brief - Drupal Connector

Launch global customer experiences with localized Drupal websites

Smartling Global Delivery Network

70% of B2B and 73% of B2C companies expect to produce more original content.

Product Brief - Hubspot Connector

Localize Hubspot content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Product Brief - Sitecore Connector

Enhance the global customer experience with localized Sitecore websites

Product Brief - Hybris Connector

Expand your eCommerce footprint into new markets with Smartling

Product Brief - Zendesk Connector

Build better customer relationships with localized support content

Product Brief - Source Code Repository Connector

Agile content localization for your Source Code Repository

Smartling Language Services

Backed by a community of professional translators curated across 150 language pairs and 50 industry...

Product Brief - Oracle Eloqua Connector

Localize Oracle Eloqua content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Smartling Connector: Marketo

Smartling's integration with Marketo helps brands deliver consistent online experiences across to global audiences around...

Product Brief - Wordpress Connector

Deliver global customer experiences with localized Wordpress websites

Multimedia Localization Solution

The availability of your resource library to international audiences needs to extend beyond blog posts...

Product Brief - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

Localize Salesforce Marketing Cloud content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Product Brief: Linguistic Asset Management

92% of customers say Smartling's Translation Management System has helped to improve their translation accuracy.

Product Brief: Jobs Management

Providing users of Smartling's Translation Management System with the ability to organize and prioritize content...

Product Brief: Workflow Engine

67% of Smartling customers say legacy processes are too manual and time-consuming.

Smartling Connector: Adobe Experience Manager

Smartling's integration with Adobe Experience Manager helps brands deliver consistent online experiences across to global...

Product Brief: Translation Memory

Smartling's Translation Memory toolset allows global brands to speed up their translation work, keeping their...

In-Context Translation and Review

Smartling's In-Context Translation and Review toolsets allow global brands to prevent errors and ambiguities from...

Smartling and Translation Quality

Smartling's visual context interface, style guides and other quality toolsets empower translators and reviewers with...

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