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Personalization Requires Translation

With the rise of competition around the globe, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for brands to differentiate from competitors. One way to separate from the pack is by offering localized brand experiences – tailored to each market you serve.  This personalization can go a long way to convincing (and showing) customers you value their business, leading to better customer relationships, improved conversion rates, an increase in customer acquisitions, and the potential for exponential growth across international markets.

In order to be truly effective, however, localization should permeate across every customer touchpoint. In fact, many of today’s shoppers have come to expect digital experiences tailored to their device type, geographic location, product preferences, purchase history, and a host of other factors. Any retailer with an online presence already has access to a global audience, but until brands commit to translating eCommerce websites, apps, and emails, they can only capitalize on a fraction of the total opportunity.

Thankfully, Smartling simplifies the eCommerce translation equation to help brands connect faster and travel farther.


Extensive product catalogs might take months to translate, while SEO oversights can kill traffic volume and conversion rate.

Smartling’s Solution

Mobile Apps

Mobile adoption is growing exponentially, but app store bottlenecks delay efforts and eat up developer time.

Smartling’s Solution

Business Content

Missing glossary terms, style guidelines, and a lack of context compromises brand consistency across different content.

Smartling’s Solution

Smartling: Translate All eCommerce Touch Points
& Optimize the Consumer Experience

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Traditional translation processes often require months of tedious work to even gather the source content brands want to translate. Developers first need to internationalize the website or app, manually isolating the desired text from the rest of the software code. These segments are then added to a strings file or copied into a spreadsheet before finally being emailed to a translator. To the relief of marketers, developers, and localization managers alike, Smartling’s Translation Management Platform automates the majority of that process.

Smartling’s platform enables retailers to move beyond the basic roles of translator, editor, and reviewer and build custom workflows that invite participation from SEO advisors, regulatory experts, and cultural consultants as well. Our cloud-based environment is designed to facilitate smarter team communication and provide transparent progress reports, and by keeping all conversations in a single space, collaborators can quickly raise and resolve their issues instead of waiting days or weeks for feedback.

Finally, by offering a suite of integrations and robust functionality, Smartling enables brands to simplify and accelerate digital content translation, giving you the means to localize and optimize the shopping experience for all of your consumers across all mediums.

Global Delivery Network

Mobile App Localization


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Smartling quickly and cost effectively translates your website for all markets.

Smartling’s Global Delivery Network can collect any web-based source content in an instant. Instead of spending months manually scraping their code, all our clients need to do is make a small, one-time adjustment to their domain configuration.

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Smartling simplifies and accelerates localization of your mobile app.

Smartling’s Mobile Delivery Network allows you to instantly push edits, updates, and additional languages to your end users over-the-air, without having to resubmit for app store approval. It reduces time and effort to release updated translations by avoiding app store release cycles entirely.

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Smartling integrates seamlessly with the most powerful platforms.

Smartling’s pre-built Connectors can forge direct integrations with popular eCommerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), and SAP Hybris, as well as leading marketing automation platforms like Hubspot and Marketo, allowing you to easily pull translated content from your content management tools directly into and out of Smartling.

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“Smartling enabled us to launch in German and French markets in record time!”

– Head of Localization, Consumer Products Company
Source: TechValidate

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest eCommerce brands rethink their approach to global content.

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