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Global marketing entails much more than translating website text. Successful brands now attract, nurture, and convert loyal customers with a diverse catalogue of marketing content.


Global Content Must Evolve


As more brands make multichannel engagement a business priority, modern marketers have found themselves balancing a wider array of content types. Publishing blog posts, building landing pages, editing ad copy, customizing calls-to-action, orchestrating email campaigns, and updating social media are all in a day’s work.

Unfortunately, the increased volume, variety, and velocity of marketing content has left many companies hesitant to translate their messaging for global audiences.

Their reluctance is understandable. The manual processes that characterize traditional translation are a poor match for the agile processes most marketing departments now prefer.

Instead of translating content in large, occasional batches, marketers want to update global assets continuously. And instead of waiting on developers to accommodate these updates, marketers want to publish new content as soon as it’s ready.

Luckily for ambitious marketers, there are more options for translating digital content than they might imagine.

By implementing a translation management system with built-in support for common marketing content types, companies can easily extend their multichannel communication style into new markets and start attracting international admirers.

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Translate Marketing Content Faster


Smartling’s translation management platform provides companies with everything they need to efficiently translate marketing content with minimal IT involvement. Instead of relying on spreadsheets and email to track translation strings, localization teams can trim weeks off their timelines by automatically gathering, organizing, and distributing marketing content in a centralized, cloud-based environment.

With Smartling’s Global Delivery Network, marketers can start localizing all of their web-based assets instantly — instead of waiting months for developers to recode the underlying content management systems (CMS).

With Smartling’s CMS connectors, marketers can localize their landing pages, lead forms, and email campaigns as well by leveraging our pre-built integrations with popular platforms like Marketo, HubSpot, and Eloqua.

With Smartling’s versatile translation API, marketers can feel confident that their developers will be able to engineer a solution fit for even the most unique content management requirements.

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