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Translation Is Not Just for B2C Brands

It’s easy to understand why translation is important in B2C markets. When it comes to B2B, misconception says language suddenly doesn’t matter. Because in the world of business, everyone speaks English, right? This mentality overlooks one of marketing’s most important truths: Whether we work in B2C or B2B, the final decision maker is a person. Yes, consumer and business motivations, sales cycles, and purchasing behavior are completely different — but at the end of the B2B pipeline, you’ll still find a human being.

Just like you, every B2B decision maker in the world has a native language that they understand best. As marketing and product managers, it’s our job to make meaningful connections between the product, prospects, and users.

Prospects prefer content that’s presented in their native language.

Streamlined Translation Memory Software Processes

of B2B buyers are conducting research, assessing products, and interacting with marketing content online.


What (And Why) Should B2B Brands Translate?

All B2B translation efforts should revolve around one of two goals: generate new client leads, and/or keep existing customers engaged.

Lead Generation

For lead generation, localize websites. International marketing requires localized web content — not just by language, but by country. B2B website translation ensures your company’s ability to grow its global leads, and it’s also fantastic SEO. Site localization also plays a key role in new market penetration.

Customer Retention

To improve stickiness, localize your user interface (UI). When you sell on a SaaS model, your connection to your client may only be as strong as your contract. It’s one thing for companies to buy your software. It’s quite another for them to continue buying it. Improve user experience (UX) and increase user stickiness with UI localization. With menus and commands in their own language, people are more likely to use — and love — your product, which makes them more likely to renew their company’s contracts

Tip: UI text strings can be short (for example: “home,” “about,” etc). This makes context even more important to producing quality translation. Try Smartling’s in-context visual platform to see what any translation will look like in real-time

Smartling: An Agile Approach to Translation Management

Smartling has built an end-to-end translation solution with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency in mind for today’s B2B software brands. Smartling’s Translation Management Platform is designed to simplify and streamline translation by centralizing all global digital content and eliminating manual processes to maximize team efficiency. And with the ability to forge direct integrations with popular CMS, marketing automation, project management, and support platforms, Smartling implementation is seamless, allowing stakeholders to to easily pull translated content in and out.


Centralized content and brand resources maximize leverage and help scale translation efforts for maximum reach


Seamless, flexible integrations with the most common platforms simplify implementation and minimize developer distraction


Process automation, custom workflows, and translation tools accelerate throughput and result in faster time-to-market

Smartling B2B Customer Success Stories

Localize UI and Improve UX

At Dashlane, a password management company with 6+ million users in 150+ countries, developers were feeling a little too connected. In fact, translation was taking up so much employee time that Manon Berdu, Dashlane’s Localization Manager, says, “It had become impossible to scale our workflow into additional languages.”

Before Smartling, Dashlane’s bilingual employees translated copy themselves. But translation kept them from their real jobs, and internal content management took precious development time. Gathering and replacing text strings was unexpectedly difficult, and the pace of product updates suffered as a result.

“We needed to make a move,” Berdu says. So they did. The global password management company hired a traditional translation agency. But that agency made mistakes — too many mistakes. And without agile translation management to catch those mistakes, Dashlane lost more time and money.

Then Berdu discovered Smartling. He loved the translation management platform’s exclusive, see-in-context capabilities. Translators, editors, and reviewers could now have a group visual showing exactly how a translation would be displayed on a page or in an app. Even more influential, however, was Smartling’s ability to help Dashlane simplify and standardize the delivery of content across every language.

Thanks to Smartling, Dashlane was able to get developers back to their jobs, reshape the company translation strategy, and win a 4x spike in active users.

Localize UI and Improve UX

Zendesk Efficient Translation Processes

Data that Helps with More Than Translation

A more efficient translation process hasn’t just changed how brands like Dashlane and Zendesk create localized content.

At Zendesk, the process has improved the international marketing strategies that drive translation as well. Instead of just fulfilling requests from colleagues, program managers from the international expansion team now sit with copywriters and designers when new content initiatives are planned. This way, the expansion team understands the contents goal and spirit sooner and marketing gets critical feedback on the localization implications they might not have considered.

This agile translation approach has given Zendesk the confidence to start testing more opportunities in underserved markets. The team can quickly create small batches of localized content for new audiences and scale production according to engagement rates.

And with data that shows where localization does and does not create value, Zendesk can now continuously refine its content strategy in a way that gets more results from the same budget.

Smartling Customers Love Using Our Technology

“We’​d rather have ​our ​developers spend their time building product​ features for our customers​ than spending months ​reinventing this technology​. That’s why Smartling’s platform is so valuable to us.”

Franklin Angulo, Director of Engineering, Squarespare

Smartling is already helping some of the world’s smartest eCommerce brands rethink their approach to global content.

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