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Smartling’s Global Delivery Network is the fastest, most cost-effective way to deliver multilingual websites.

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Website Translation Made Easy

Translating web content is challenging. Ad-hoc tools or processes quickly drain resources and don’t allow you to scale. Smartling’s Global Delivery Network is a translation proxy that automates much of the heavy lifting of translating sites, web applications, and web services.

Visual Context

The most advanced technology on the market for capturing context directly from websites and dynamic web applications.

  • WYSIWYG, in context view for anyone working on your content, at every step in the process
  • The end of QA busy work caused by a prior lack of visibility during translation
  • All captured context stored together in the Smartling platform
  • Greater data security – Translators see context, not private code or secure environment

Efficient Translation

Eliminate change tracking and manual translation management. 

  • Gracefully handle inline HTML and dynamic variables in text. No more missing content or bugs
  • Normalizes strings to eliminate small content variations and reduce overall volume
  • De-duplicates site content, and reuses translations automatically
  • Leverages translation memory from other content in order to lower spend and increase brand consistency

Delivery and Control

Deliver global web content without provisioning new infrastructure.

  • You host your content and code. Smartling’s Global Delivery Network applies translations to content in real-time as it’s accessed
  • Changes in source site design are immediately detected and applied to already translated sites
  • Translation caching makes changes to source content easy. Once changes are translated, they are automatically applied to existing sites
  • Present your sites on subdomains, top-level domains, subfolders, or any combination you need

Performance and Availability

Smartling’s Global Delivery Network delivers translated content so fast your users won’t realize it’s there.

  • Built on NGINX and optimized to handle all web content
  • High concurrency and instant scalability for the delivery of web sites, web applications, e-Commerce and web services (APIs) without impact
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for guaranteed 99.999% uptime
  • Present in data centers globally and always close to your content
  • Complements technology you already use to accelerate access, such as CDNs

Smartling already helps some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.

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Smartling Customers Love Using Our Technology

“Smartling’s platform is robust and easy to use, simplifying project management for localization managers and delivering a smooth translation process for translation resources.”

- Yukio Noda, Sr. Localization Project Manager, Flipagram

Source: TechValidate

Smartling puts clients on the path to global success and reliable ROI.

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